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Your Own Business Can Be Great - The Book **Free Shipping**

Your Own Business Can Be Great - The Book **Free Shipping**

$ 9.99 

Your Own Business Can Be Great is a money-making adventure with fun illustrations and activities for girls (age 8-12).   

The book tells the story of two girls, Lucy and Kylie who create a business from idea to execution. It's packed with activities and fun quizzes. The book teaches concepts including:

  • Brainstorming
  • Testing your idea
  • Creating a product
  • Networking
  • Profit & Cost of Goods
  • Marketing and more!

At Bright Girls we teach girls about business so that they can envision themselves as entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEOs.  Go Girlpreneurs!

  • What girls are saying "Lucy & Kylie are so creative.  I love this book!" Alex 
  • What adults are saying "As a marketer (and a mom) I think it's brilliant!  Very well done."  Tracy
  • "They do market research in the book!  How many Shark Tank flops could have benefited from reading this? Love that they don't dumb it down for the kids." Little Ms. Crate on Facebook